Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup

DeepWind is now committed to forming specialist subgroups to offer member companies greater focus than can be achieved through general membership of the cluster. The aim is to provide added value to our members by concentrating on those areas of offshore wind which better match the skills and expertise possessed by subsets of our membership.  

FOW Subgroup

Image: Ideol's patented floating 'Damping Pool' substructure system. Credit Ideol  & V. Joncheray

Many of DeepWind's members have come from the oil and gas sector and have extensive experience of building, deploying and servicing floating structures in one of the harshest offshore environments in the world, the North Sea. Married to this is the knowledge gained from 15 years of offshore wind development in the UK, and globally, including our members who have pioneered the development of floating wind. This expertise is now being captured and concentrated in our Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup.

The aim of creating this subgroup is to bring together the supply chain elements that make up the major components of floating wind. Our members cover all aspects of floating wind including substructures, mooring systems, anchoring, installation, electrical systems (connectors and dynamic cables), subsea surveys and inspections. Complementary to this unique blend of skills and expertise is our infrastructure members, representing over 25 ports and harbours in Scotland, who are looking to develop the necessary manufacturing, assembly and maintenance facilities required for this emerging sector.

The Deepwind FOW Subgroup contains many of the leading floating wind developers as well as European, US and Japanese substructure design and supply companies who together are responsible for many of the current and future floating wind projects either operational or planned. Many of the companies have been attracted to DeepWind by the potential for Scotland to become a global hub of floating offshore wind development. 

Our FOW Subgroup brings together all the actors necessary to develop a complete floating wind supply chain and includes a blend of developers, industry, training and research players capable of forging a strong sub-cluster within DeepWind. 

Scotland currently leads the global development of floating offshore wind with Equinor's Hywind Scotland being the largest project in the world and with our second project, the 50MW Kincardine Offshore Wind project, set to overtake Hywind Scotland and become the largest. Not resting on its laurels, Scotland is now set to develop commercial scale floating wind projects in the ScotWind leasing round which should see these new projects being announced in Q1 next year.  

It is therefore fitting that our first subgroup in DeepWind should be dedicated to floating offshore wind.

A list of the FOW Subgroup companies is laid out below with our two subgroup co-chairs Ocean Winds and Fugro identified. With 204 members it is the largest floating wind supply chain cluster in the world.

Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup 

1 2-B Energy BV 69 Fraserburgh Harbour 137 Peel Ports (Hunterston)
2 4C Engineering 70 Frontera Enterprise Ltd 138 Petrofac Facilities Management Ltd
3 A Squared Engineering 71 Fugro (Co-Chair) 139 Petrolink Services Ltd
4 Aberdeen City Council 72 Fulkrum Technical Resources Ltd 140 Port of Cromarty Firth
5 Aberdeen Harbour 73 GAC Group 141 Portakabin (Scotland) Limited
6 Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group 74 Gareloch Support Services 142 PSG Marine & Logistics Ltd
7 Aberdeen Training Centre 75 Gicon Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH 143 QHSE Aberdeen
8 Acteon Group 76 Global Energy Group (SG) 144 Quaybridge
9 AJ Engineering & Construction Services 77 Global Offshore 145 Quoceant
10 Aker Solutions 78 Green Marine 146 RDR Subsea
11 Anubis Security 79 Gulfxstream 147 Red Rock Power
12 Apollo 80 Had Fab Limited 148 Response Consultants
13 Aquatera 81 Houlder Ltd 149 Rever Offshore
14 Aquaterra Group 82 Hubbell 150 RIDG
15 ARC Marine 83 Hydro Group 151 Rigmar
16 Armech Solutions 84 Ideol 152 Rix Renewables
17 Asco 85 Imenco 153 RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd
18 Aspect Land and Hydrographic Surveys 86 Industrias Ferri AS 154 Robert Gordon University
19 Atkins Limited 87 Intelligent Research & Translation Services 155 Roemex
20 AWC Technology Ltd 88 InterMoor Ltd 156 Rovco
21 Axess North Sea Ltd 89 Intertek Inspection Services UK Ltd 157 ROVOP
22 Axis Energy Projects Ltd 90 Inverness Chamber of Commerce 158 Royal Haskoning DHV
23 Balmoral 91 iSurvey 159 RSK Environment
24 Bam Nuttall 92 ITC Hydraulics & Manufacturing 160 RWE Renewables
25 Bilfinger Salamis UK 93 i-Tech 7 161 Safetrade 247 Limited
26 Birlinn Offshore 94 ITPEnergised 162 SBM Offshore
27 BlackFish Engineering 95 Jackson Offshore Supply 163 SBT Energy Limited
28 Bluewater Energy Services 96 Jan de Nul UK 164 Scottish Power Renewables
29 BMT 97 JGC Engineering & Technical Services 165 Sealand Projects
30 BPP Cable Solutions 98 KD Marine 166 Seaway7
31 Bridon Bekaert 99 Kincardine Offshore Wind Ltd 167 Semco Maritime
32 Briggs Marine 100 Kishorn Port 168 SFF Services Limited
33 Bruce Anchor 101 Kuiper Group UK Ltd 169 SIG Distribution
34 Buoyant Production Technologies Ltd 102 Kvaerner AS 170 Simply Blue Energy
35 Bureau Veritas UK Limited 103 Lerwick Port Authority 171 SSI Energy
36 Burntisland Fabrications 104 Liberty Steel Dalzell 172 Stork Technical Services
37 Calder Engineering 105 Linxon UK Ltd 173 StormGeo
38 Caldive 106 Lloyd's Register 174 Strainstall UK
39 Castletown Law 107 Load Monitoring Systems Ltd 175 Subsea UK
40 Cierco Wind Energy 108 London Marine Consultants 176 Sumitomo Corporation
41 Clarkson Port Services 109 London Offshore Consultants (Aberdeen) Ltd 177 Swire Oilfield Services
42 COES Caledonia UK Limited 110 MacArtney UK 178 Talon Board Advisory
43 Comhairle nan Eilean Siar 111 Maersk Supply Service 179 TechnipFMC
44 Core Marine 112 Mainstream Renewable Power 180 Ternan Energy
45 Cortez Subsea 113 MarynSol 181 Texo Group Limited
46 Dangle Ltd 114 MELCAL Marine UK Ltd 182 Thornton Tomasetti
47 Destini Marine Safety Solutions 115 Miros Scotland 183 Toda Corporation
48 Distibution NOW 116 Mistras Group 184 Total E&P UK
49 DOF Subsea 117 Monitor Systems Scotland Ltd 185 Trac Oil & Gas
50 Dolfines SAS 118 Moog Focal 186 TTI Renewables
51 Donut International 119 Motion Software 187 UL International
52 Doosan Babcock 120 Motive Offshore Group Limited 188 Univergy International
53 Ecosse IP 121 National Oilwell Varco 189 University of Aberdeen
54 EnBW Energie Baden-Wurttemberg AG 122 Natural Power 190 University of Strathclyde
55 Engineering Construction Industry Training Board 123 Naval Energies 191 UTEC
56 Environmental Resources Management Limited 124 NDT and Quality Services 192 Vryhof Anchors
57 EOLFI (Shell) 125 NHV Helicopters 193 V-TES
58 Equinor 126 North Star Renewables 194 W3G Marine
59 European Marine Energy Centre 127 Oceaneering 195 Wardell Armstrong
60 Facilitating Change 128 Ocean Winds (Co-chair) 196 Weldex (International) Offshore Ltd
61 Film Ocean 129 Offshore Projects Alliance 197 WFS Technologies
62 First Marine Solutions 130 Opportunity North East 198 Wick Harbour Authority
63 First Subsea 131 Optimus 199 Windcat Worksboats
64 Flicq UK 132 Orcades Marine Management Consultants Ltd 200 Windstorm Renewables
65 Floatation Energy 133 ORE Catapult 201 Wolfel
66 Floating Power Plant 134 Orion Engineering 202 Wood
67 Floating Wind Energy Systems 135 Orkney Harbour Authority 203 wpd Offshore Solutions GmbH
68 Francois Offshore Catering 136 Partrac 204 Xi Engineering Consultants


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DeepWind's FOW Subgroup intends to assist the development of new systems, products and services by working closely with the UK's innovation champions such as the Carbon Trust's Floating Wind Joint Industry Project and the ORE Catapult's Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (link to launch press release). Many of DeepWind's developer members are already involved in both groups (8 members in each group) and this offers a good opportunity to coordinate the UK's floating wind innovation landscape through this developer grouping.

At an international level, the Friends of Floating Offshore Wind (FFOW) organisation have the commercialisation of floating wind technologies as one of their core objectives. Further innovation and deployment is the key to reaching this goal and it dovetails neatly with DeepWind's own aims and goals. Eleven of the fifteen strong group of intentional companies are members of the DeepWind cluster so again the opportunity for co-operation and co-ordination is strong.


DeepWind members represent some of the global leaders in substructure design and supply. Between them they are involved in most of the current and future floating wind projects in the international floating wind market. Below is a list of members showing the type of substructure they have either deployed at sea, tank tested or designed.     



Image: Hywind Scotland substructures. Credit: Equinor

Naval Energies


Image: FOW substructure. Credit Naval Energies



Image: FloatGen, 1st French floating project. Credit Ideol

SBM Offshore


Image: Substructure design. Credit: SBM Offshore

NOV (GustoMSC)


Image: Substructure design. Credit: GustoMSC

Bluewater Energy Services


Image: Bluewater TLP system. Credit: Bluewater Energy Services

Floating Power Plant


Image: Hybrid wind/wave design. Credit Floating Power Plant

Toda Corporation


Image: Goto Island project, Hybrid steel/concrete spar design. Credit Toda Corporation

Ecosse IP


Image: Tension Leg Platform (TLP) design. Credit Ecosse IP

Seawind Ocean Technologies


Image: Two bladed floating wind system. Credit Seawind Ocean Technologies



Image: Tension Leg Platform (TLP) system. Credit GICON

Nautilus Floating Solutions


Image: Semi-sub substructure system. Credit: Nautilus Floating Solutions  

Axis Energy Project Group


Image: Tension Leg Platform (TLP) system. Credit Axis Energy Projects

Dolfines SAS


Image: Trussfloat semi-sub system. Credit Dolfines SAS


Floating Substations

A number of our members are looking to use their design for floating platforms from the oil and gas sector for floating offshore wind substations. The offshore wind sector could benefit from the latest designs for NUI (Normally Unmanned Installations) aimed at reducing the cost of developing marginal fields as they could also be applied to floating offshore wind. A number of the companies are also looking at the potential of using these systems for the offshore production of hydrogen as well as storage within the platforms.     

Buoyant Production Technologies


Image: Production buoy system. Credit Buoyant Production Technologies


SBT Energy Ltd


Image: SB3 semi-sub system. Credit SBT Energy


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