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DeepWind Cluster

The DeepWind supply chain cluster is now the largest offshore wind representative body in Europe with over 890 members drawn from industry, academia and the public sector.

The DeepWind Cluster

The main purpose of the DeepWind cluster is to help its members achieve greater benefits from the current and future development of offshore wind in the UK and internationally.

As the name suggests, it specialises in fixed and floating offshore wind in deeper waters, usually considered to be greater than a 40m depth.  

The Cluster originally covered a geographical area that stretched along the Scottish coastline from Wick in the far north to Montrose in the north east. This geography was based on the offshore wind projects that are currently covered by the DeepWind offshore wind developers who are the core members of the cluster. They include Ocean Winds, SSE Renewables, Equinor and Kincardine Offshore Wind Limited (KOWL).

Due to the introduction of the 30GW ScotWind offshore wind leasing round, DeepWind's ports and harbours members now extend around the North Coast, Northern Isles, Western Isles and West Coast as far south as Campbeltown in Argyll & Bute, and across to Hunterston PARC (Port and Resource Centre) in North Ayrshire. This now encompasses 25 ports and harbours members and represents coverage of over 70% of the Scottish coastline. 

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Our DeepWind cluster subgroups

DeepWind has a number of specialised subgroups to reflect key strengths of the member companies. There are currently five operational subgroups: Floating Offshore Wind, Operations and Maintenance, Power2X (Hydrogen), Survey and Inspection, Cables.

Each subgroup has two industry Co-chairs who lead the subgroup with these positions rotating to other members every two years.

Taken together, all five specialist subgroups represent the bulk of the membership. The need for any further subgroups will be ascertained through consultation with the DeepWind member companies.

You can find out more about each subgroup below. 

DeepWind Cluster Subgroups

Find out more about our five DeepWind subgroups: Floating Offshore Wind, Operations and Maintenance, Power2X (Hydrogen), Survey and Inspection, Cables.

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Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup

Our Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup is the largest of our subgroups with over 300 members. Our industry Co-chairs for this group are Genesis and BW Ideol. Our subgroup members include many companies from the oil and gas sector, who bring over 40 years of floating structure experience in the harsh North Sea environment, to support the subgroup
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Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup
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Survey and Inspection Subgroup

Specialist subgroup of the cluster involving members covering every aspect of offshore wind survey and inspection related products and services. This includes all aerial, surface and subsea activity from early stage development to asset management phases. Our industry Co-chairs for this group are Sonardyne International and Rovco.

Survey and Inspection Subgroup
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Cables Subgroup

Specialist subgroup dedicated to all aspects of cables for the offshore wind sector including both onshore and offshore export cables, array and dynamic cables as well as their manufacture, supply and installation. Our Industry Co-chairs are from Orient Cable and 2H Offshore Engineering.

Cables Subgroup
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Power2X Subgroup

Our Power2X Subgroup reflects the growing interest in exploring new opportunities for offshore wind to produce hydrogen and other derivatives at scale. This includes products such as ammonia, methanol and other e-fuels (electricity based fuels) as well as hydrogen carriers such as LOHCs (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers). Our Industry Co-chairs are from Arup and Draeger.
Image: Hydrogen powered CTV. Credit: Windcat Workboats

Power2X Subgroup
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Operation and Maintenance Subgroup

The Operation and Maintenance Subgroup is now led by our two new industry Co-Chairs, Fugro and Proserv, and has 202 member companies who between them cover all aspects of offshore wind O&M. Member expertise includes all aspects of asset management for fixed and floating substructures, their associated turbines and systems and substations.
Image: Maintenance team on substructure Credit: Dangle Ltd

Operation & Maintenance Subgroup

Developer Members

The 38 member strong developer group within the cluster is now the largest of any supply chain cluster in the UK and between them own every offshore wind project and site lease asset in the UK.