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ScotWind - First 11GW connected by 2030

Published: 15/11/2022

The Holistic Network Design (HND) from National Grid will see the first of the ScotWind offshore wind projects connected to the grid by 2030

The first phase of the UK's plan for connecting 23GW of offshore wind to the grid to help achieve the 50GW by 2030 target will see up to 11GW of the ScotWind leasing round connected by 2030.

The map and list below shows the first of the ScotWind projects to be connected to the grid in the first phase of the Holistic Network Design (HND). The HND is the first step in a plan which will aim to connect up to 23GW of offshore wind by 2030 with a second phase to follow in the new year which will include the rest of the ScotWind sites.    

This first phase will see two of the largest floating wind projects in the world, the 1,200MW Bellrock project and 1,500MW (50%) of the MarrumWind project aiming to be constructed and connected by 2030. This will cement Scotland's place as a world leader in floating offshore wind and for them to be the forerunners to the full 18GW of floating wind in the ScotWind.   
The next stage of the Holistic Network Design, phase 2, should be published by the end of Quarter 1 next year. 

More information on the HND and the wider planned grid infrastructure for Scotland can be found in our Electricity Grid in Scotland section