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Ports and Harbours

DeepWind includes many of the main infrastructure players and the supply chains behind them. Our port members cover the West Coast, North Coast, Northern Isles and much of the East Coast of Scotland

DeepWind Infrastructure Members

Our port members come in all shapes and sizes and cover almost the whole sweep of the Scottish Coast. The only a gap is in the south east coastal area which is covered by our sister cluster Forth and Tay Offshore.

While all of our ports and harbours members are listed here, we have used links to their own pages in Scottish Energy Ports Capability Directory. There you will find detailed information on quayside lengths, water depth and laydown areas. There is also a factsheet for most of the 24 DeepWind ports and harbour members which can be downloaded from the Directory.

Most of our port members on the East Coast are already involved in the wind industry acting as construction sites, manufacturing sites or as Operation and Maintenance Bases. Others are seeking such a role as offshore wind expands beyond the existing sites on the East Coast with the new sites which have been announced as part of the ScotWind leasing round.

Wherever possible we have indicated members forward development plans in our list below as these latest expansion plans may not be covered in the information on the Directory site.

Any developers, Tier 1 or supply chain companies who would like to contact our ports and harbours members can do so through DeepWind or through the contacts listed on the Directory web site.


Offshore projects

The Scottish offshore wind map lists all of the current and pipeline projects along with the 20 sites (1-20) in the 30GW ScotWind Round. The ScotWind fixed and floating sites are shown separately in navy blue and green respectively. It also shows the DeepWind port and harbours members and their proximity to these offshore wind sites. 

The recent INTOG (Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas) leasing round has produced another 13 sites (21-33) mostly clustered around the oil and gas infrastructure on the East Coast but with at least one Innovation site, number 25 on the map, in Argyll on the West Coast.   

The recently signed Collaborative Framework (March 2022) seeks to achieve agreement between the developers, government and the supply chain on prioritisation on the type of investment required to deliver an offshore wind industry of scale. The current top priority is to look at overall port infrastructure and to deliver a consensus on the port sites required to create a Floating Wind Port Cluster.

Many of the large components required for both fixed and floating wind projects will have to be manufactured in port facilities and these manufacturing opportunities will need to be matched to our existing port infrastructure. Other port sites will have to be expanded to meet the requirements of such component manufacturing and especially for the largest of these components, the substructures required for floating wind. Significant investment in a number of port sites will be required to delver the current 40GW+ pipeline of projects and the Collaborative Framework's aim is to match industry and public funding to accelerate these port infrastructure projects.      




Find out more about the three coastal areas for the ports and harbour site lists.

Port of Cromarty Firth in Invergordon.

The East Coast ports and harbours in this section are listed north to south and include Wick, Port of Nigg, Port of Cromarty Firth, Inverness Port, Ardersier Port, Buckie Harbour, Macduff Harbour, Fraserburgh Harbour, Peterhead Harbour, Port of Aberdeen, Port of Montrose and Energy Park Fife 

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Kishorn port

Ports and harbours on the West Coast are listed south to north and include Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC), Campbeltown Harbour, Oban Harbour, Mallaig Harbour, Kishorn Port, Lochinver Harbour, Kinlochbervie Harbour, Arnish Yard and Stornoway Harbour   

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The North Coast of Caithness along with the Orkney and Shetland Islands are host to a number of ports and harbours including Scrabster Harbour, Stromness Harbour, Lyness, Scapa Deep Water Quay and Lerwick Harbour

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