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SOWEC updates its vision and goals for the Scottish offshore wind sector

24 September 2021

The Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council (SOWEC) has today published an update to its vision and goals, which reflect the changes and developments witnessed in the Scottish offshore wind sector over the past two years.

SOWEC agreed its initial vision and goals in 2019, which were intended to represent ambitious and deliverable objectives. The newly agreed changes remain ambitious and deliverable, while taking in to account the evolving nature of the sector.

A comprehensive review of SOWEC's original vision and goals was undertaken by a developer led team, the findings were discussed with SOWEC group leads earlier this year and endorsed by the SOWEC steering group in September.

SOWEC's vision is now: A world-class offshore wind sector that underpins the transition to net zero by 2045 and maximises the value to Scotland.

A number of key changes were also agreed to the goals of SOWEC, among them:

  • The target for floating and fixed offshore wind deployment in Scotland was increased to 11GW by 2030.
  • An aim of developing a highly skilled and diverse workforce, support new entrants, expand apprenticeships and enable transitioning from existing sectors.
  • A goal to inspire the future talent pipeline and increasing the representation of women and BAME workers.

SOWEC' new vision and goals can be viewed in full here:

The changes also reflect the recent work led by Sir Jim McDonald, looking at how to transform the sector to ensure more Scottish companies secure work in offshore wind. The independent Strategic Investment Assessment (SIA) report can be found here: