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New supply chain group for floating wind formed

9 October 2020

Kincardine floating wind farm

Kincardine floating wind farm - image source: Kincardine Offshore Wind Limited

A new group has been set up to make sure Scotland’s energy supply chain companies benefit from new floating offshore wind projects in Scotland and the UK.

The announcement this week from Prime Minister, Boris Johnston, that the UK now has a 1GW floating target by 2030 further cements the role of floating offshore wind in the UK’s drive to become the “Saudi Arabia of offshore wind power” and is tremendous news for the supply chain.   

The group has been formed as a subgroup of DeepWind, Scotland’s supply chain cluster. DeepWind is currently managed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to help cement Scotland’s and the UK’s lead role in the development of offshore wind. The new subgroup will be co-chaired by Dr. Andronikos Kafas from Ocean Winds and Julia Roope from Fugro and involves more than 200 members of the DeepWind cluster.

Scotland is currently the world leader in the deployment of floating offshore wind with the Hywind project and the soon to be completed Kincardine wind farm. The combined capacity of these projects, at 80MW, puts Scotland at the top of the floating offshore wind league and, with plans to scale up to commercial projects in the forthcoming ScotWind leasing round, Scotland will be a magnet for this emerging sector for some time to come.

The aim of the new subgroup is to develop close ties with centres of innovation, such as the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence and the Carbon Trust’s Floating Offshore Wind Joint Industry Project. This will make sure the supply chain can be directly involved in the commercialisation of new technologies.

Many of DeepWind’s 24 developer members are involved in both these innovation centres and form a bridge between the innovation systems and the supply chain with the new subgroup acting as a conduit. The subgroup includes many of the floating substructure technology companies from across Europe who are looking to demonstrate their systems in Scotland and the UK and thus creating opportunities for their fellow supply chain members to work with them as these projects come to fruition.      

Dr. Andronikos Kafas, New Offshore Opportunities Manager from Ocean Winds said:

“We are excited to announce and co-chair the launch of the DeepWind FOW subgroup. OW is committed to DeepWind’s success and support programmes to bring developers and their Tier-1s closer to regional supply chain.

“The subgroup is currently the only floating offshore wind forum for direct discussion between developers/tier ones and the tiers two/three (typically where most local content lives).

“The aim of the subgroup is to assist the sector and parent DeepWind group with horizon scanning, opportunity setting, and capacity building of Scottish companies, under the auspices of economic development agencies”.

Julia Roope, Fugro’s Global Business Development Manager for Offshore Wind, said: “The launch of the DeepWind FOW subgroup is a significant step in recognising the importance that floating technology plays in the future of offshore wind generation in Scotland and in supporting the UK’s leading role in offshore wind development. As co-chair, Fugro’s extensive offshore wind experience will be used to help our members develop supply chain opportunities, support the development of the skills needed to grow the sector, and foster the development of new technology through close ties with centres of innovation.”

In September 2020, the group held its first webinar to introduce the industry co-chairs and aims of the subgroup. Co-chairs organised an online poll to gather input directly from supply chain companies on topics and activities of most interest to its members. Meet-the-buyer events, introductory session to the offshore wind supply chain procurement process in Scotland, as well as Scottish market updates were amongst the highest voted type of activities for the group to take forward, in order to build capacity for new entrants in the Scottish supply chain. Focus areas where the group has been asked to contribute include:

  1.        Cost reduction and the role of the supply chain;
  2.        Supply chain services and innovation that can result in time savings in the consenting process;
  3.        Support for technology development by local companies;
  4.        Addressing the local content challenge and increase competitiveness;
  5.        Regular updates of the Scottish market and signposting of supply chain opportunities; and
  6.        Skills transition into the floating offshore wind sector

The subgroup co-chairs are both committed in further analysing the extensive input collected as part of the first webinar (over 170+ individual ideas shared) and return to the members with a proposed workplan detailing a series of activities and events.


DeepWind, the supply chain cluster for Offshore Wind Scotland, is the largest offshore wind representative body in the country. With 470 members drawn from academia, industry and the public sector – DeepWind strives to help its members achieve greater benefit from current and future development of offshore wind in the UK and internationally. The members of this cluster span the coast of Scotland.


Ocean Winds is a new joint venture which brings together EDPR and ENGIE, two of the leading

global renewable brands in a 50:50: joint venture for the specific purpose of developing fixed and

floating offshore wind generation. World-wide, the partnership already has 5.5GW of determined offshore assets, and plans 7GW in operation/construction and a pipeline of up to 10GW by 2025 to make OW one of the world’s top five offshore renewable energy companies. The EDPR-ENGIE partnership already has a strong presence in the UK market, with stakes in Moray East – a 950MW offshore windfarm currently under construction and due to generate in 2022, and in

Moray West, its neighbour, with consent for ca. 850MW. As a joint venture, the partners have the shared vison of offshore wind’s major role in transitioning to Net Zero, by taking sites from conception through construction to operation, and seek to lead development of future sites in the UK as they become available, creating further opportunities for investment, economic growth and jobs. OW’s Moray East, Moray West, and new opportunities teams are all based at the existing EDPR offices in Edinburgh. Ocean Winds, a core member and industry champion of the DeepWind cluster and co-chairs the FOW subgroup.


Fugro is the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. Adopting an integrated approach that incorporates acquisition and analysis of Geo-data and related advice, Fugro provides solutions. With expertise in site characterisation and asset integrity, clients are supported in the safe, sustainable and efficient design, construction and operation of their assets throughout the full lifecycle.

Employing approximately 9,500 talented people in 61 countries, Fugro serves clients around the globe, predominantly in the energy and infrastructure industries, both offshore and onshore. In 2019, revenue amounted to EUR 1.6 billion. The company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

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