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Unlock the benefits of ERP with Scottish Engineering

10 December 2020

Recent surveys have highlighted that Scotland and the wider UK lag major international competitors in ERP and tech investment, and in all likelihood the gap has only grown over the last 8 months.

Reasons include limited managerial band-with and experience, cash constraints, and concerns over the cost/benefit analysis. Many SMEs who are investing in ERP however, will readily testify to the benefits including increased efficiency, improved reporting and planning, and tighter supply chain management. These benefits are surely all the more important as our sector seeks a path to recovery from the pandemic crisis. 

In this short sharp webinar, we will explore why ERP should be embraced and not feared. With careful planning and management, and pragmatic targets aligned to business needs, the ERP journey can deliver tangible benefits quickly, whilst establishing the data driven platform required to exploit Industry 4 potential.

Event details

10 December 2020

09:00 - 10:00