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Round 3 CfD results

22 September 2019

The latest round of the Contract for Difference auction has reached record low prices for both offshore and island wind. Successful bids of £39.65/MWh and £41.61/MWh delivered over 5.5GW of projects with SSE, Equinor and Innogy being the biggest winners.

SSE and Equinor's 50/50 ownership of the 3.6GW Doggerbank project gave them the largest slice of this particular CfD pie with Innogy's 1.4GW Sofia project, also art of the wider Doggerbank site, also being awarded a contract.

SSE were also successful with their Seagreen phase 1 project n the Firth of Forth and the small Forthwind project also obtained a contract.

The table below shows all of the winning bids along with the project size and their delivery dates.



While a number of remote island wind projects in Scotland did win their bids some of the larger island wind projects such as Viking on Shetland and the Stornoway Wind Farm on Lewis did not. This may prove to be a set back for the successful projects as OFGEM required a threshold of capacity to justify the investment in the subsea cables to the islands. At present it is not yet clear how this will be resolved so the island wind story still has a few chapters left to run.

Congratulations to all the successful applicants.