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Seize the opportunity: offshore wind

25 May 2016

Offshore wind diversification opportunities for the oil and gas supply chain

As the global oil and gas downturn continues to significantly impact the industry, Scottish Enterprise highlights diversification opportunities for the oil & gas supply chain with the new 'Oil and Gas Seize the Opportunity Guide: Offshore Wind'.

Produced for Scottish Enterprise by BVG Associates, the guide shows how the oil and gas sector can transfer its skills and experience, built up over the last 50 years of working in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Packed with case studies, it demonstrates how companies have successfully diversified into offshore wind from the oil and gas sector.

For example, FoundOcean, the world’s largest dedicated offshore grouting specialist, with a European Offshore Service Base in Livingston, first entered the offshore wind industry in 2010 following a 50-year history in oil & gas. The offshore wind sector now accounts for around half of the firm’s revenues.

Andrew Venn, FoundOcean Sales Director said: “We realised that offshore wind was a market that offered us a diversification opportunity right on our doorstep. We identified that there was a gap in the market for companies, like ourselves, able to offer competitive and innovative solutions. Entering the offshore wind sector is challenging but get it right and it can be a long-term part of a company’s strategic vision with excellent global prospects.” 

Alan Duncan, Senior Associate at BVGA, said “Scotland is leading the world in floating wind development and has helped the UK become a world leader for deployed offshore wind. Scotland’s capable and dynamic oil and gas suppliers can play a key role in the offshore wind drive to increase innovation and reduce costs”. 

“This guide provides an opportunity map based on real examples from our industry engagement work. The offshore wind supply chain is broken down into 35 sub-elements. This allows oil and gas companies to identify where their specific opportunities lie and what they can learn from companies that have already achieved success,” added Duncan.

The guide offers companies information how to access additional support to maximise diversification opportunities. To download the guide please visit:


Is your company ready to access offshore wind opportunities?

With multiple offshore wind projects planned and under construction in the waters around Scotland, the rest of the UK and Europe, Scottish companies are ideally placed to take advantage of the local, national and international opportunities presented by the growing offshore wind sector. Scottish Enterprise's Offshore Wind Expert Support Service helps companies to consider and build diversification strategies to win business in the offshore wind. The service can identify and explore potential new revenue streams for your business, and includes a review of the most effective routes to market for your products and / or services. 

Offshore wind expert support comes in two phases and covers two areas:

  • Phase one offers 100% funded (FREE) two day support
  • Phase two offers 50% funded support for up to four days, allowing for more in-depth look at the company and the requirements

Both phases cover both market analysis and technical due diligence support.

For more information please visit: