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Exploring Offshore Wind – The £60bn Opportunity

25 May 2016

Could your business take advantage of £60bn worth of opportunities in the offshore wind market?   

This free event will explore the opportunities within the offshore wind market, and explain how Scottish Enterprise can help your business to realise these opportunities via the Offshore Wind Expert Support Service.

Scottish Enterprise's Offshore Wind Expert Support Service helps companies to consider and build diversification strategies to win business in the offshore wind sector. The service can identify and explore potential new revenue streams for your business, and includes a review of the most effective routes to market for your products and / or services. The service can offer:

Market Analysis:

  • Advice on market / supply chain positioning;
  • Market entry requirements;
  • Investigation of company capability (e.g. skills, processes); and
  • Identification of supply chain fit.

Technical Due Diligence: 

  • Focuses on a company specific products or product ideas, and assesses their market relevance;
  • Assesses the potential of a new product to add value to the offshore wind sector; and
  • Identifies further development needs and next steps.


Interested in learning more about the opportunities in offshore wind for oil & gas companies?

The event will also feature a presentation on Scottish Enterprise's forthcoming 'Guide to Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas Opportunities' by lead author Alan Duncan from BVG Associates. This new guide identifies and explores nine areas that present the greatest opportunities for oil & gas companies to diversify into offshore wind, profiles ten companies that have successfully diversified into the sector, and provides practical advice for companies seeking to win business in offshore wind. 


Want to meet the experts?

One-to-one meetings will also be available with the Expert Support consultants. If you wish to request a one-to-one meeting, we ask that you do so on the booking form and we will endeavour to arrange a slot for you on the day. One-to-one meetings will be arranged on a first come first serve basis.


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25 May 2016