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Areva and Gamesa Finally Tie Knot

9 March 2015

Areva and Gamesa have officially joined forces in the offshore wind company Adwen.

The new company will have 700 employees and will be 50:50 owned by the French and Spanish wind turbine manfucturers.

The JV will be responsible for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and servicing of offshore wind turbines.

It will "combine both Gamesa and Areva wind expertise and extensive track record".

Adwen already has a 2.8GW project pipeline and is targetting a market share of 20% in Europe by 2020.

The company will be chaired by Louis-Francois Durret, current chief executive of Areva Renewable Energies. The general manager will be Luis Alvarez, chief operating officer of Gamesa.

Adwen will have offices in France, Spain, the UK and Germany and will offer the market an 8MW machine with serial production starting in 2018.

Until this it will offer its 5MW platform including the AD 5-135 and AD 5-132. The former was previously called the Areva M5000-135 while the latter was the Gamesa G132-5MW.

"Adwen will manufacture these turbines in its existing plants in Germany, Bremerhaven and Stade, ideally positioned to equip North Sea and Baltics projects.

"The company will fulfill industrial commitments engaged by Areva and Gamesa, in France and in UK, comprising the creation of factories in Le Havre and the implementation of a network of suppliers and partners throughout the country," it said.

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