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Opportunities For Industry to Help Hit 2020 Targets

10 October 2014

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult in Glasgow, Scotland has identified a number of technology innovation challenges within the offshore renewable energy industry, the resolution of which they believe will help drive down the cost of offshore renewable energy, and have a positive impact on the UK economy.

These challenges focus on the offshore wind and wave & tidal sectors to drive technology innovation to lower the cost of offshore renewable energy.

As part of the challenge, the ORE Catapult is looking for industry, large and small, to help address these challenges, and work collaboratively with their team of technical experts and test and demonstration assets to develop ideas into market-ready technology. Some of the focus areas include blade erosion, blade condition monitoring, drive train condition monitoring, cable installation, environmental data, improved installation, access systems, asset management, etc.

Why work with the ORE Catapult?

  • Their expertise provides an independent and credible view on your innovation idea
  • Their sector knowledge and expertise can help you to strengthen your commercial proposition
  • They can provide access to expertise, facilities, and third party funding sources to support your development plans
  • You gain access to a valuable development partner and its networks to accelerate the commercialisation of your technology
  • Independent and credible endorsement of your technology.

For further details, view theĀ ORE Catapult Website