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Maximizing Business Opportunities for the Scottish Offshore Wind Supply Chain (SOWSC)


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The Offshore Wind Industry Group (OWIG) was established in 2009 to ensure that Scotland fully capitalised on its offshore wind energy potential. The large-scale development of offshore wind represents the biggest opportunity for sustainable economic growth in Scotland for a generation. 

There is a significant opportunity ‘in waiting’ for the wider Scottish supply chain but geography counts for very little against a backdrop of rapid Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) reduction. Working collaboratively to establish “one common voice” for industry can help tackle common sector-wide challenges and barriers to entry - in partnership with OWIG – we have an opportunity to accelerate national competitiveness, improve skills and create employment and to stimulate innovation.


Finding Our Voice

On 29th January 2018, a facilitated workshop was held to establish the emerging supply chain’s desire to collaborate to maximise this opportunity for Scotland. Participants in the workshop were a representative group drawn from more than 50 Scottish supply chain organisations; from developers, OEMs, Tier One contractors to SMEs, academia and agencies.

Key Outputs From Workshop

Participants identified the need for a shared way forward to support the maximisation of business opportunities for the Scottish supply chain – domestically and internationally - and the need to build an industry-wide model to ensure long-term sustainability by:


- Establishing a business-led “forum” to shape a collective way forward – the SOWSCF (Scottish Offshore Wind Supply Chain Forum) – to drive “one common voice” for the industry using the success of the NNG Coalition model as a framework

- Leading the development of a fair for all Offshore Wind Supply Chain Code of Practice

Partnering with membership organisations and agencies to engage wider supply chain and maximise effectiveness


Establishing the SOWSCF (Scottish Offshore Wind Supply Chain Forum)


The NNG Coalition is a successful model of supply chain engagement, it is project specific and has been designed to address a defined challenge. Its effectiveness was driven by communicating a clear message, identifying opportunities, barriers and priorities and leveraging its supply chain participants in support of a common goal.


Scaling up the NNG model and designing it to support the voice of the Scottish Offshore Wind Supply chain via a focused forum will create a platform for the industry’s common voice to be heard.


The OWIG-Scottish Offshore Wind Supply Chain Forum herein referred to as “SOWSCF”, will be chaired by John Best, James Fisher Marine Services, who brings to the table his experience of forming and running an Industry Association (EEEGR) for over 11 years. His Vice-Chair is Alan Duncan of Scotia Supply Chain, an active member of the Scottish offshore wind supply for over 5 years and currently Chairman of the successful NNG Coalition.

Wider Supply Chain Engagement


The SOWCSF cannot be successful without your input. As part of our drive to shape a collective way forward, we need your support in helping to develop the SOWSCF, its priorities in the short-term and beyond, and contribute your views and knowledge.

To help us identify industry-wide challenges inhibiting Scottish supply chain growth, we want to engage with as many organisations as possible, in order that we can canvas opinion on particular challenges and identify priorities, actions and quick wins for 2018/19 and beyond.

We are keen that the Forum is Business driven/Business led and can work effectively with Government and Agencies. In doing so, it will enable us to clarify and develop concise and specific “asks”, where appropriate, to support the Scottish sector.

We would appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise through engaging with us via a high level questionnaire and also deeper face to face/telephone interviews.

Shape the future of the industry by:

1/ Sharing your views via a fast, online high-level questionnaire (follow link above)

And if possible

2/ A face to face meeting or call to define any barriers, challenges or issues that you feel will impact on your business’ potential to harness economic growth and win work in offshore wind. Please contact us to set up a time/date. (see Question 31)

There is no cost to you to be involved in this process other than the time you give us.

All survey responses will be treated as strictly confidential and no direct feedback will be attributed to or reproduced in the name of any respondent.


“I’m greatly encouraged by the impressive turnout at yesterday’s OWIG Supply Chain Forum Workshop, I understand around 40 or more different companies from across the sector attended to take part in the discussions. This Forum presents an ideal platform for the Scottish supply chain to interact and I hope we will see improved communication and collaboration between companies as a result – we can make a difference through this work.”

Paul Wheelhouse, MSP, South Scotland, and Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Minister, Scottish Government




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