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DeepWind Downloads

Memo of Understanding between DeepWind and WAB, Germany

On the 23rd of September DeepWind and the WAB cluster in Germany held a virtual signing ceremony for our cooperation and partnership working agreement between both clusters.

The agreement was signed on behalf of DeepWind by our Cluster Champion, Dan Finch of Ocean Winds and Irina Lucke, Chairwoman of WAB.

The video includes an introduction from both DeepWind and WAB, followed by the signing, and then some words from Dan Finch and Irina Lucke on the aim of the collaboration with closing remarks from Heike Winkler, MD of the WAB cluster.


DeepWind Webinars

FOW Subgroup Webinar No. 2

Thursday 22nd of October - Floating Substation webinar

Linxon, Hitachi ABB and Atkins presented their concept design for a floating offshore wind substation. 

PDF copy of the complete webinar slide deckClick link to download


Video recording of presentations and Q&A session to follow


FOW Subgroup Webinar No. 1

Tuesday 29th of September -  Webinar to introduce industry Co-chairs aims of this subgroup 

Introduction of the industry co-chairs for the DeepWind Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup, Julia Roope of Fugro and Andronikos Kafas of Ocean Winds. The subgroup members also took part in a live feedback sessions to help map out the activity areas for the subgroup moving forward.

PDF copy of the complete webinar slide deck. Click link to download 

PDF copy of the live session outputs in Mentimeter. Click link to download

Video recording of presentation and live input session.


Webinar No.8

Thursday 17th of September - Joint cluster webinar on Seagreen with SSE Renewables

An update on their 1075MW Seagreen project from SSE Renewables along with sessions from SOWEC and the OWGP 

PDF copy of the complete webinar slide deckClick link to download 

Video recording of the webinar and the Q&A session


Webinar No.7

Thursday 27th of August - Joint cluster webinar on Moray West Procurement Strategy with Ocean Winds 

An update from Ocean Wind's Moray West team on their 800-850MW offshore wind project in the Moray Firth in Scotland and how they intend to procure the packages and interact with the supply chain. This webinar also includes a session with Claire Mack of Scottish Renewables and Adam Morrison, Project Director of Ocean Winds.  

PDF copy of the complete webinar slide deck. Click link to download 

Video recording of presentation and Q&A session.


Parallel MS Teams sessions which followed the main webinar

Session A - Onshore Construction 

PDF copy of Session A presentation. Click link to download

Session B  - Offshore Construction 

PDF copy of Session B presentation. Click link to download

Video recording of Teams Session B - Offshore Construction Package and Q&A with Roger McMichael, Peter Haughie and Chris McKeown of Ocean Winds


Session C - Operations and Maintenance

PDF copy of Session C presentation. Click link to download   


Webinar No.6

Thursday 6th of August - Joint cluster webinar on the East Anglia Hub project with Scottish Power Renewables

An update from ScottishPower Renewables on their 3.1GW offshore wind project in the East of England. This webinar also includes presentations from Claire Canning of the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) and Sandra McCaughey of the Open4Business portal run by Inverness Chamber of Commerce.  

PDF copy of the complete webinar slide deck. Click link to download 

Video recording of presentation and Q&A session


Webinar No.5

Thursday 16th of July - Joint cluster webinar on NNG project update with EDF Renewables 

An update from EDF Renewables on their 450MW offshore wind project in the Firth of Forth. This webinar also includes presentations from SOWEC Skills Group lead Jim Brown of ESP, Claire Canning of the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) and Sandra McCaughey of the Open4Business portal run by Inverness Chamber of Commerce.  

PDF copy of the complete webinar slide deck. Click link to download 

Video recording of presentation and Q&A session


Webinar No.4

Thursday 25th of June - Joint Cluster Webinar on ScotWind with SDI and Crown Estate Scotland

DeepWind has teamed up with our sister cluster, Forth and Tay Offshore, to deliver a series of webinars over the next few months. These will be developer updates regarding their existing pipeline projects as well as covering any new ones they have added to their portfolios.

The first one in the series, on Thursday the 25th of June at 14.00, will be a bit different from these others as it will be from Crown Estate Scotland (CES) and, given the launch of the ScotWind leasing process on the 10th of June, this should be very topical.

The webinar will kick off with an introduction from Brian MacFarlane of SSE on behalf of the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council (SOWEC) and John Robertson from CES will be covering the introduction of the Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS) into the leasing process. This should be of interested to the whole of the supply chain.   

Here is an extract from the CES ScotWind Launch Summary which describes the purpose of this new SCDS document

‘The Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS) provides a clear and transparent outline of the anticipated supply chain requirements for each proposed project, and the associated assumptions and dependencies. The SCDS will provide the chance for opportunities to be identified and for barriers and risks to the development of supply chain capability to be reduced.

Applicants to ScotWind Leasing will be required to submit a SCDS, setting out the level and geographic breakdown of supply chain impact they anticipate from their intended project.’

Webinar programme

14.00 Welcome, event intro and familiarisation with GoToWebinar platform – Jeya Calder, Highlands and Islands Enterprise   

14.05 Opportunity and ambition for Scotland - Brian MacFarlane – SOWEC Co-Chair & Director of Offshore Renewables for Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE)

14.15 Developer Engagement and Communication Strategy - Gillian Morrison – Senior Development Manager, Highlands and Islands Enterprise

14.20 SDI Investment Support - Simon Wallace – Renewable Energy Team Leader - Scottish Development International

14.25 ScotWind, Introducing the Supply Chain Development Statements - Colin MacIver – Senior Development Manager, Crown Estate Scotland / ScotWind

14.45 Q&A Session

14.55 Survey and wrap up – Gillian Morrison, HIE

15.00 Event close

PDF copy of the complete webinar slide deck. Click link to download 

Video recording of presentation and Q&A session



Webinar No.3

Thursday 18th of June - Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup launch and Celtic Sea Cluster

DeepWind will launch its first subgroup, the Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) Subgroup, which will be co-chaired by cluster champion, EDP Renewables, and supply chain member Fugro.
This webinar will introduce the FOW Subgroup and its co-chairs Andronikos Kafas (EDPR) and Julia Roope (Fugro).
This will be followed by a presentation from the UK's other floating wind supply chain player, the Celtic Sea Cluster, who will cover the planned developments in the South East of England and South Wales area. 

Downloads of presentation will be posted here after the webinar is delivered. 

Video recording of presentation and Q&A session


Webinar No.2

Thursday 21st of May - Remote and Autonomous Operations
Presenters - Stephen Thomson and Duncan Allen, Fugro

Fugro presented this webinar and provided an overview of their remote & autonomous capabilities. Delivered from Fugro’s 7 global Remote Operations Centres, the webinar also provided details of the benefits of remote & autonomous operations, explained where Fugro have used their capabilities in the Renewables sector to date and started a discussion on the extensive applications for the technologies within the industry.

Download the presentation as a PDF

Video recording of presentation and Q&A session to follow shortly

Webinar No.1

Thursday 30th of April - Contract for Difference Consultation - Proposed Changes
Presenter - Paul O'Brien, Cluster Manager

This webinar sets out the proposed changes under the current UK consultation of the Contract for Difference scheme due to close on the 22nd of May 2020. It lays out the case for the cluster to support these changes and raises the question about what the impact on the supply chain might be as if they are all adopted as proposed. The consultation also raises questions about the CfD Supply Chain Plans and these are also key questions that will impact the supply chain. The video includes the question and answer session which followed the presentation.     

Watch the video on YouTube - includes Q&A session

Download the presentation as PDF with notes 


SDI Germany Webinar

20th May - 'Green Hydrogen at an Industrial Scale for a Zero Carbon Future'

Webinar exploring the opportunity for large scale production of hydrogen including from offshore wind in Scotland and Germany

Click on the following links to download PDF copies of the presentations: 

Introduction and Keynote David Holman - Scottish Enterprise

Heike Winkler - WAB e.V

Paul O'Brien - DeepWind

Bill Ireland - H2Tec

Alan Mortimer - Wood

Anges Herdick - Uniper

Oliver Weinmann - Vattenfall

Panel Session and Close

Recording of the complete webinar including the Q&A session can be viewed using this link.


DeepWind Covid-19 Business Impact Survey (Word doc)

Survey to help gauge the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the cluster companies ability to carry on business activity. Also seeks suggestions from the companies on actions that could be taken to assist companies during the current lockdown situation. This information will be shared with the Scottish Government and it's enterprise agencies to help inform and guide better Government actions and policy during these unusual circumstances.     

Microsoft Word form with editable text, check and drop down boxes to make it easier to fill out the form.


EnBW Supply Chain Management Document (PDF)

Document detailing registration procedure for EnBW's supplier portal


Floating Offshore Wind supply chain requirements form 

Download spreadsheet form using this link


Scottish Offshore Wind Market Update

The scale of the offshore wind market in Scotland and the UK is an important factor in the development of an effective supply chain. The UK's overall Sector Deal target was raised to 40GW by 2030 in January 2020 by the UK Government. With only 8.5GW of offshore wind operational in the UK, that gives us a huge target to deliver in the next 10 years. In Scotland we have only delivered 1GW of the 7.6GW in our pipeline so again a tremendous opportunity for the DeepWind supply chain members yet to come.    

Below is the latest DeepWind update for members on the current Scottish market and pipeline projects along with a projection on future projects.

Scottish Offshore Wind Market March 2020 - PowerPoint presentation file  


DeepWind Member Logos

Please find below the two versions of the 'Member of DeepWind' logo for use by members in their email and on their web sites.

Any member wishing a higher resolution print quality version can do so through the Cluster Manager, Paul O'Brien.

Red Version



Blue Version




DeepWind Supply Chain Event

Venue: Kincraig Castle Hotel, Invergordon, 13th November 2019

Event featured 1-2-1s with DEME Offshore, Global Energy Group, Moray East and Moray West

Full list of delegates for this event - Delegate List

Companies wishing to register for the DEME Offshore supply chain database can do so here

DEME: Register for supplier database 




DeepWind Membership Day

Venue: Inverness College, 21st August 2019


10.30am – Registration, networking and refreshments

11.00am – Welcome introduction – Dan Finch, EDP Renewables UK, (Cluster Champion)

11.10am – DeepWind Cluster Update - Paul O'Brien, HIE

11.20am - Offshore Wind Growth Partnership and F4OR – Claire Canning, ORE Catapult

11.40am – Scottish Offshore Wind Supply Chain Supply Database – Scott Hamilton, Xodus Group

12.00am – Developer Updates (10 minute project update)

  • Moray East and Moray West - Peter Haughie, EDP Renewables

  • Hywind Tampen & Hywind Scotland - Bjorn Johansen, Equinor

  • Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm – Allan MacAskill, KOWL

  • Seagreen - Mark Timmons, SSE Renewables

12.40pm - Future DeepWind Innovation Workshops - Madeleine Smith, Glasgow School of Art

12.45pm - Vattenfall's Innovation O&M call for EOWDC - Hugh Riddell, ORE Catapult

13.00pm – Networking Lunch

13.45pm - ScotWind leasing round update – Hannah Whyte, Crown Estate Scotland

14.05pm – European Market Opportunities – Leonore Frame, Scottish Development International

14.25m – Floating Wind Updates (10 minutes per company) and 10 minute Q&A Panel

  • EOLFI – Josselin Gillot

  • Principle Power - Cian Conroy

  • Ideol – Ole Stobbe

15.05pm - Open4Business – Sandra McCaughey, Inverness Chamber of Commerce

15.20pm – Closing Remarks – Dan Finch, EDP Renewables

15.30pm End of programme


PDF Downloads

Below is a list of the DeepWind Membership Day presentations in the order that they were delivered. Just click on the links to open and save to download a PDF of each presentation

1)      HIE - Cluster Update by Paul O’Brien

2)      ORE Catapult - OWGP and F4OR by Claire Canning

3)      Xodus - Online Supply Chain Database and Expert Support by Scott Hamilton

4)      Moray East & Moray West by Peter Haughie

5)      Equinor – Hywind Scotland and Hywind Tampen by Bjorn Johansen

6)      KOWL-  Kincardine offshore Wind Farm by Allan MacAskill

7)      SSE – Seagreen by Mark Timmons

8)      Crown Estate Scotland – ScotWind by Hannah Whyte

9)      SDI – European Markets by Leonore Frame

10)   EOLFI – Developing Floating Wind Projects by Josselin Gillot

11)   Principle Power – WindFloat Atlantic and Kincardine by Cian Conroy

12)   Ideol – Floating Wind Demonstrators in France and Japan by Ole Stobbe


13)   O4B – A Platform for Success by Sandra McCaughey