Innovation in our DNA

DeepWind encourages its members to develop new products and services for the offshore wind sector. It works with the Carbon Trust and the ORE Catapult to look at the opportunities for members arising from national offshore wind innovation programmes and through Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise to raise awareness of their own innovation support programmes within the cluster.


Cluster Specialist Sub Groups

In order to encourage innovation members will come together under specialist sub groups in DeepWind to look at the opportunity for collaboration within the cluster. The first of these to be formed was the Substation Group

DeepWind Substation Group companies 

These sub groups are only now being formed as the cluster reaches a critical mass and the DeepWind Steering Group decided to set up more such groups at their meeting towards the end of last year.

To enable the membership to align more closely with the recently announced Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence and the Floating Wind JIP the next sub group will be the Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup. This will bring together cluster members with an interest in developing floating wind as well as the floating wind supply chain companies to explore cooperation and the opportunity for cost reduction through innovation.

The first meeting of the new Floating Wind sub group will be announced in the near future and we would encourage companies with an interest in floating wind to join this new group within the DeepWind cluster. Any oil and gas players who would like to learn more about the future role of floating wind in the oil and gas industry are also welcome to join this group.

Other groups yet to be formed include:

Power to X

Operation and Maintenance

Survey and Inspection


Ports and Infrastructure 

We would welcome suggestions from members regarding other special interest groups that could be formed.   

One of the aims of the cluster is to keep the membership informed of innovation opportunities as they arise and besides the Carbon Trust and Innovate UK calls these will also include calls from individual developers or those emerging from the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub activity.

DeepWind encourages its members to co-operate when looking at such funding calls as many require a consortium approach to tackle the innovation issues. Should their be enough interest from cluster members in any one call then cluster brokerage events will be held to offer our companies the chance to form such consortia.

The sub-groups are one way of instilling an esprit de corps within the membership with the aim of making it easier for members to form such partnerships with other like minded members.