Port and Harbours

DeepWind includes many of the main infrastructure players including ports and harbours as well as the supply chains behind these sites. These cover not only all the sites along the coastline from Wick to Montrose but many of the West Coast, North Coast and Northern Isles port and harbours.

DeepWind Infrastructure Members

East Coast


Wick Harbour

Wick Harbour is now the Operations and Maintenance hub for SSE's 588MW Beatrice offshore wind farm in the Moray Firth. It is home to a small fleet of fast CTVs (Crew Transfer Vessels) used to ferry the wind turbine technicians out to the wind farm for routine maintenance and ad hoc repairs.
SSE have refurbished two old derelict buildings on the quayside, built in 1807 by famous civil engineer Thomas Telford, to serve as their operational base in Wick.

The refurbishment was carried out with special attention paid to the historic nature of the buildings and many of the original features were retained. This will serve as home to a new generation of engineers and technicians serving what will become one of the largest industries in Scotland over the coming decades. 

See the Wick Harbour section on the Scottish Energy Ports web site for more detailed specification on the harbour's faculties using this link http://energy.scottishports.org.uk/ports/wick-harbour


Port of Nigg

Port of Nigg during Beatrice wind farm construction

Situated at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth in the North of Scotland the Port of Nigg has already see extensive use as a construction port for the wind industry. The multi use energy hub owned and run by Global Energy Group and services both the offshore wind and oil and gas industries.
The picture above was taken during the construction phase of SSE's 588MW Beatrice wind farm and shows blades and tower sections for the Siemens turbines. Completed towers stand at the quayside awaiting the return of the Pacific Orca construction ship.
The port has also been successful in winning further work on the huge 950MW Moray East project and will be home to DEME Offshore's heavy lift vessels for their substructure supply and installation contract for wind farm owners EDPR and ENGIE. The port will also act as the storage depot for these substructures. Global Energy Group will work closely with DEME Offshore to also deliver some of their scope of work over and above the use of the port for the substructure load out and storage.
The port is also in prime position to win further work from the next project in the pipeline which is EDPR/ENGIE's 850MW Moray West project also in the Moray Firth. 

See the Port of Nigg section on the Scottish Energy Ports web site for more detailed specification on the port's faculties using this link http://energy.scottishports.org.uk/ports/nigg-energy-park?

Port of Cromarty Firth


Also situated in the sheltered area of the Cromarty Firth, the port has also been very active in the offshore wind industry with their role in the Beatrice project as the substructure storage and load out facility for the Beatrice project. The picture above shows DeepWind member Seaway7's heavy lift vessel, the Stanislav Yuden now renamed the Seaway Yuden, at the port with the yellow jacket template structure on board. This was used to accurately place the 4 piles required for each jacket on the seabed at the Beatrice site ahead of the jacket installation. DeepWind member BiFab supplied 100 of these piles to Seaway7.
The Port of Cromarty Firth (PoCF) has also succeeded in winning another contract, this time with MHI Vestas, to be the construction port for the turbine components for the Moray Easy wind farm. MHI Vestas will supply 100 9.5MW turbines with the port acting as the marshalling yard for the turbine components. This contract was won off the back of a substantial further investment commitment by PoCF which will see the port expand its operational laydown area and quayside to accommodate a project of such scale.
This investment has also put the port in pole position for more work from the offshore wind industry with the next win likely to be with the 850MW Moray West project.

See the Port of Cromarty Firth section on the Scottish Energy Ports web site for a more detailed specification on the port's faculties using this link http://energy.scottishports.org.uk/ports/port-of-cromarty-firth? (Please note that the development plan referred to on the PoCF page has now been agreed)

Buckie Harbour

Buckie Harbour, Moray

For over ten years Buckie Harbour has been home to an offshore wind O&M operation. It was chosen by the Beatrice Demonstrator project as the home for their twin hulled maintenance vessel.

See the Buckie Harbour section on the Scottish Energy Ports web site for a more detailed specification on the port's faculties using this link http://energy.scottishports.org.uk/ports/buckie-harbour 

Fraserburgh Harbour

Fraserburgh Harbour, Aberdeenshire 

One of the largest fishing fleets in Scotland still operates out of Fraserburgh but it has now also joined a growing number of ports involved in the offshore wind industry. The Moray East project has named Fraserburgh as the preferred port for their O&M facility and vessels. This will see new jobs and new quayside facilities come to this Aberdeenshire harbour town to service on of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.
One of the key benefits form such activity is the longevity that accompanies such jobs as the wind far will be part of Scotland's power infrastructure for a lifetime that is likely to exceed 20 years or more. Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners would like to build on this success by attracting more O&M work from the wind industry as it expands further on the East Coast of Scotland.

See the Fraserburgh Harbour section on the Scottish Energy Ports web site for a more detailed specification on the port's faculties using this link http://energy.scottishports.org.uk/ports/fraserburgh-harbour?






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