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  • Round 1 Offshore Wind Zones
  • Round 3 Offshore Wind Zones
  • Scottish Territorial Waters Short Term Options
  • Scottish Territorial Waters Medium Term Options
  • N-RIP Port Sites
  • N-RIP Clusters (Phase 1)
  • Offshore Wind Demonstration Sites
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Further information

Scotland's Marine Atlas was published in March 2011 as information for the National Marine Plan. It contains a plethora of spatial information about Scotland's seas. This is based around the vision of clean and safe; healthy and biologically diverse; and productive seas.

In 2008, Scotland's Seas: Towards understanding their State was published to set out an initial view of the state of Scotland's seas. The report includes contextual information and an initial data inventory and aims to inform the development of the Scottish Marine Bill.


Read about the strategic plans in place and funds available to strengthen the physical infrastructure at ports and harbours.

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