Wood Group Kenny

undefinedWood Group Kenny is world’s largest solution-independent provider of engineering and management services for subsea systems and associated marine facilities. Wood Group Kenny provides fully integrated concept, design, operational support, decommissioning service to optimise whole-of-life solutions with over 35 years of experience and over 3,000 people worldwide. Wood Group Kenny provides dedicated technology groups that continuously lead and participate in Joint Industry Partnerships (JIP) to offer innovative cost efficient and safe designs in the marine environment throughout the project lifecycle.

Experience in market to date

  • Offshore Wind
  • Moray Offshore Wind Farm
  • Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm
  • Gwynt Y Mor Cable Entry System Review
  • Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm
  • ITRI Review for Taiwanese Supply Chain
  • Carbon Trust OWA WTG Installation
  • Carbon Trust OWA Cable / Cable Entry Study
  • Carbon Trust OWA Access and Operations
  • Efficient Offshore Wind Programme
  • Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm
  • Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm
  • East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm
  • Beatrice Demonstrator Duty Holder
  • Carbon Trust Cable Installation Study
  • Nass & Wind Cable Protection Study
  • Vendée Cable Protection Study
  • RTE Export Cable study for coast of NW France
  • Offshore Wave and Tidal
  • Thetis Offshore Tidal Farm
  • EMEC Demonstrator / Kawasaki TTG
  • Sound of Islay Tidal Farm
  • Energy Island concept study
  • SWRDA - services for WECS site
  • Meygen Tidal Farm Cable Stability Study
  • ORE Catapult Connector Studies