Moray Firth Offshore Renewables Limited (MORL)

Moray Firth Offshore Renewables Limited (MORL), owned by EDP Renewables UK Limited (67%) and Repsol Nuevas Energías UK Limited (33%), propose to develop three offshore wind farms in the 520km2 Moray Firth offshore wind zone, located 22km off the Caithness coast. The site lease allows for up to 1,500MW of capacity to be built across the zone, which is split into a 295 km2 Eastern Development Area and 225 km2 Western Development Area. On 19 March 2014, Marine Scotland awarded MORL offshore planning consent to build up to 186 turbines and 1116MW of capacity across the Eastern Development area, which will be split up into three 372MW farms — Telford, Stevenson and MacColl. The first project is likely to have a capacity of around 500 MW.  Further projects will develop the remaining capacity in the zone.

Key project details

  • Max. Capacity (consented) – 1116 MW
  • Water Depth – 35-48m
  • Average Wind Speed - 9.75 m/s
  • First project will be ca 500 MW in 2018/19 (CAPEX ~£1.8 billion)
  • WTGs to be between 7 or 8 MW capacity (MVOW V164 or Siemens 7MW)
  • AC grid connection to New Deer
  • DEVEX spend to date c£45M
  • Current application for a CfD in the October 2014 Allocation Round
  • FID in Q4 2015 and 1st Generation in Q4 2018

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