undefinedBiFab specialise in the transfer of oil and gas jacket substructure technology to the offshore wind market. BiFab have a strong track record of successful projects for jacket sub-structures for offshore wind farms. After completion of the Beatrice Demonstrator project where BiFab delivered the two deep-water jacket substructures, the company have now delivered projects for the supply of a further 41 jacket substructures. There are for:

  • Ormonde Field Development UK – Vattenfall
  • Alpha Ventus German Offshore Project – DOTI
  • Greater Gabbard - Fluor/SSE/RWE
  • Gwynt Y Mor - RWE Npower

BiFab have also supplied Tripod components to the Global Tech 1 project, located in German, North Sea.

Mass Manufacturing

During the construction of the two Jacket Substructures for the Beatrice project. Talisman, SSE and BiFab commissioned the University of Strathclyde to carry out a detailed study on the various manufacturing processes involved, with an aim to maximising the total number of sub structures that we could build in a year. This study is now complete and we are aware of the final costings of the proposed new buildings at our Methil, Fife facilities. This proposal would take our current production capacity at Methil from 60 structures to between 100 and 150 structures per year. We intend to have this new facility 100% operational by end 2016.

BiFab believe that Scotland’s proximity to the North Sea and Baltic Sea, together with the experience gained from the above projects, including expertise available at the University of Strathclyde and other educational institutions, places our facilities in a unique position to develop the world’s first mass manufacturing facility to produce large offshore sub structures cost effectively.

We recognise that this is an expanding market and we are very keen to see this kind of technique be used more widely throughout the offshore wind industry.

Innovation – New Jacket Design BiFab / Atkins

Based on experience gained from recently completed offshore wind farm projects, BiFab and Atkins have developed their own Jacket Substructure to support offshore WTG. This design is jointly 50:50 patented and capable of supporting a range of turbines from 3MW to 8.0MW in water depths 15metres down to 80 metres. This is a lightweight structure, with potential savings in both weight and manufacturing costs, along with the potential to loadout more structures per barge due to the reduced foot print at the base of the jacket.