Artemis Intelligent Power

undefinedArtemis Intelligent Power has developed the most efficient fluid power technology in the world. This technology is called Digital Displacement® and Artemis performs research and development activities, bringing this technology to market in several application areas. Artemis works closely with industry partners to develop Digital Displacement® systems for a growing range of applications, not least industrial hydraulic pumps and motors and an exciting new application in heavy duty hybrid vehicles.

Digital Displacement® technology was invented as a power take-off for wave power devices and later applied to other applications with challenging power transmission requirements.

Artemis is owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and has worked with them to develop a unique, gearless power transmission for very large offshore wind turbines. This is the world’s largest hydrostatic transmission with a power throughput of 7MW.

MHI is installing the first demonstration turbine at the Hunterston test site in Scotland and are interested in supplying this new transmission technology to other turbine manufacturers to incorporate into their drive trains.

The core valve components that enable this technology are manufactured in Artemis’ ISO9001 registered manufacturing environment. Artemis also develops the core control software and electronics hardware at its facility near Edinburgh.

Artemis has development and lifetime test facilities for hydraulic equipment up to 4MVA with systems setup for unattended and continuous endurance testing. A powerful data acquisition suite on each test stand allows torque measurement up to 1MNm and flow measurement to 8000l/min with a multitude of other data streams to be logged and analysed.

As a strategic technology for MHIs global ambitions, Digital Displacement® technology is supported by a dedicated business development team from within MHI. Support and development in all application areas is encouraged. The Artemis team has won many industry awards for innovative engineering and the company has gained support from UK Government agencies for many of its projects.