undefinedAquatera was established in 2000 in Orkney, Scotland to provide a modern and innovative suite of environmental services and products. The company delivers to local, UK and worldwide markets and has established a strong track record in the marine renewable energy and other energy sectors. This work includes preparation of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and environmental impact assessment (EIA) documents for renewable energy projects and strategies; as well as resource assessment studies, risk assessments, design advice, operations support, environmental surveying, developing visualisation tools and producing information and awareness materials.

Aquatera has a passion for renewable energy development, believing that it can provide substantial amounts of quality energy, which can be used to offset energy produced from carbon-emitting technologies.

The key to Aquatera’s success has been its attitude to collaboration – wherever it goes it seeks to work with local experts and specialists in strong collaborative partnerships. It’s not at all about Aquatera going somewhere and taking over, it’s about finding people with shared goals and ambitions and working with them.

In addition to experience in renewable energy, Aquatera and its associates have a vast knowledge of wider environmental and social studies, particularly in offshore and coastal areas. The team has completed numerous research projects, including a number funded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other government bodies, and are expert practitioners in their various fields. Aquatera’s support IT, multimedia and graphic design specialists are also leaders in their respective fields.

Experience in market to date

Aquatera was established in 2000 in Orkney, and delivers to local, UK and worldwide markets. It has a strong track record in the marine renewable energy and other energy sectors. Aquatera’s core business is to provide fully integrated renewables support inclusive of strategic planning, public and stakeholder engagement and environmental assessment and surveying.

Aquatera has been active in seeking opportunities in the French market and recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with French Company Open Ocean to take this objective forward together.

Aquatera’s clients include BP, Shell, Voith, Open Hydro, Pelamis, Kawasaki Heavy Industries as well as governments, local authorities and community organisations. Aquatera is a multi award winning company. Aquatera is known for finding solutions in challenging marine environments. It is a well respected company that thinks locally and acts globally.