Scotland has 25% of Europe's total offshore wind resource.

Scotland is perfectly positioned to be a powerhouse of renewable energy.

With 25% of Europe’s offshore wind resource, and a network of ports and harbours close to northern Europe, Scotland is ideally placed to develop offshore wind.

We have world renowned experience in offshore oil and gas engineering, and are the UK’s leading location for onshore wind development. Our universities are engaged in world class renewable energy research, development and demonstration, as part of the largest energy research partnership in Europe, and spend more on R&D per head of population than anywhere else in the UK.

Developing this resource will play a vital role in meeting the Scottish Government’s target of generating the equivalent of 100% of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020. Support for the renewables industry is strong, and sustained investment in the sector has helped renewableovertake nuclear as Scotland’s main source of electricity. 

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Map of Offshore Wind Farms in Scotland

What's happening where?

Scotland is showcasing leading innovation in offshore wind and there are exciting projects planned. 

We have 197 MW of operational offshore wind, including a pioneering deep water site. Along with testing large turbines, over 4 GW of offshore wind generation has been granted planning consent.

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With unrivalled support for offshore wind, a track record of successful innovation and large projects planned; there is no better time to get involved in offshore wind in Scotland.

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“Scotland has always punched above its weight in delivering engineering solutions which have been adopted globally for over 250 years. Scottish knowhow and inventiveness have shaped the modern world. The field of offshore renewables will bear witness to the continuation of this great tradition.”

Fergus Ewing MSP
Scotland's Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism

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